Private Label

Quality and honesty are our most valuable virtues.

We believe that our products are a key to Your success!

 At PPH BIM we have the experience and know-how to turn your ideas into products. Whether your cosmetics products are part of your established line, or completely new, we will guide every step of development and manufacturing. Our Production, Packaging Production and customer service staff are poised to service your needs at every turn.

We are always ready to start a long-term cooperation with You!

 Private Label offers you:

Full Service, Sub-contracting

  • Filling – Manufacturing
  • foundation (liquids, sticks)
  • powders (compact, loose, creamy)
  • concealers
  • lip glosses, lip balms, lip care, lip stick
  • mascaras
  • eye liners (liquids, pencils)
  • care products: body lotion, body shower gel, creams, shampoo


  • a huge range of standard formulations and colours
  • modification of standard formulation according to client’s requirements
  • development of a completely new formulation according to client’s marketing targets

Quality Control

  • stability tests
  • microbiological tests
  • dermatology tests
  • evaluation of a proper weight, colour, odour, viscosity, pH
  • all products are produced according to EU legal provisions & GMP regulation, ISO 9000:2001

Packaging & Design

  • manufacturing packaging for cosmetics in our own factory enables us to react quickly to changes in design according client’s requirements .In our assortment you may find over 100 kinds of elegant and handy packaging
  • hot stamping
  • label and artwork design
  • metallization

 If there is any further information you require, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Quiz Cosmetics – in Beauty we trust.

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