The fact that not everyone holds paint well on nails and becomes dull, has experienced many a woman. Why is this happening and what is this effect? Here are some interesting facts. How to paint your nails to paint a long stick and kept its beautiful appearance ..

Basic rules:

  • Do not paint the natural nails immediately after washing or soaking bath. The wet nail dries will shrink causing the paint cracking or bleeding is another material used on the nails.
  • Nails must be moved away peel and best use for the liquid to soften the skin. Sticks of wood slide necessarily peel and remove residual liquid.
  • Give your nails a shape using a fine glass of the file or a diamond saw, remembering to nails in one direction. This will avoid the blistered the nail.
  • Very gently zmatuj its fine plate with a file or pulley and degrease degreaser, Cleaner or alcohol. Do not use cleaner because it may contain greasy ingredients.
  • In so prepared nails, apply base coat first, or top coat, which blends natural nails with varnish and further aligns zbruzdowaną and uneven plate. Remember that the tip of the nail also needs to be painted.
  • Now you can paint your nails in any color. Nail polish must be well mixed. When painting the nails should be huge patience. Remember that nail painting should start from the inside and paint the next move sideways.
  • After the first coat has dried, apply a second coat.
  • Then apply the paint shine.
  • Remember the free edge and not to touch the skins because all the work will be for nothing. Painting nails leave most 1 mm distance from the skins.

What colors to use?
It’s important when painting nails is their shape. Short and small nails painted a dark varnish will look very negatively. If you notice any imperfections home plate should not use pearlescent paint that highlight their defects. Varnishes with blue tint very fit when we have the skin of a pink shade or if it is pale. Warm and vibrant shades (browns, reds, oranges, salmon) use, if the client has a yellowish complexion. Do not paint lacquers in shades of purple nail polish, if you have a golden skin. Varnishes and pearly iridescent blend well with tanned complexion, color coral, as well as in shades of apricot, peach, brown and red. The best results when painting nails get, adapting the way of painting the shape of the nail, and skin color and paint.

How to wash painted nails?
To remove paint, cotton pad stick between the index and middle finger, saturate it with remover bezacetonowym and legwork to nail. The swab move slightly to the right and to the left. Then wash with nail varnish to the tip of the nail.

So what should be the best nail polish?

  • Observe that the pigment does not settle in a bottle of paint, if the color is uniform and is not cloudy.
  • Paint should dry out in 2-3 minutes, and full coating hardness should obtain after 5-7 minutes (up to 10 min.)
  • Also, note the ease of distributing the paint during application, liquidity and viscosity of the formulation.
  • It should have a smooth, elastic film layer and durable shine when dry.
  • Good paint has no negative impact on the natural nail – do not dry it.
  • Nail Polishes are products that a very high degree may cause allergies. Well-dried varnish on the nails is very weak allergen. Currently, the main components are in lacquers ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, resins, solvents, glycol esters and colorings. Most manufacturers of paint once applied TSFR, or resin toluene-sulfoamido formaldehyde, one of the most allergenic substances as chemical ingredient in their products.
  • In our paints will not find such harmful chemicals. They are available in our online store

Using a base and top coat on the nail lacquer

  • You secure it against discoloration
  • Beautifully repetitions paint color.
  • Prolong durability and resistance to chipping and wear, even for a week.
  • What to do as quickly dulling varnish?
  • The most common reason is quite frequent hand washing and the use of various creams or lotions nourishing the body. Often, they have a dulling effect on the paint. In case you do not want to frequently wash and re-paint the nails, you can use a nail file polisher, which again will give gloss varnishes.
  • For thickening the paint is burning no time cleaner. Use special lacquer thinner, which is designed specifically for this.

Quiz Varnishes are not tested on animals, moreover, studies have not demonstrated allergy irritants and sensitizing properties.

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